The Days of our lives are etched in the heavens above I
The Days of our lives are etched in the heavens above I
Engraving on perspex
30 (w) X 60 (h) cm

"The world is primarily the totality of everything,
consisting of heaven and earth...
In the second mystical sense, however,
it is appropriately identified as man.
For as the world has grown out of four elements,
so does man consist of four humours...

(Isadore of Seville, A.D. 560 - 636, De natura rerum)

The two figures, male and female, represented by an Adam and Eve, symbolically refer to the balance of opposites, the yin/yang and duality of the material world of light/darkness; good/evil. The tree, symbolic of the Tree of Life, which is also referred to as the Axis Mundi or Universal Axis, is considered to be the connection with the spirit world, and the link between heaven and earth.

The recognition of 7 chakras or energy centres appears in many belief systems. In his Theosophia practica of 1696, Georg Gichtel describes a spiral of seven seals, corresponding to the seven planets, the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, which lie on the human body. In this work, the expanding spiral around the figure of Adam refers to the placement or correlation of the seven planets to the parts of the body. In Hermetic Philosophy, mankind or the human form is connected in many ways with the celestial world of stars and planets and the soul is considered to be a manifestation of the Divine. The Smaragdina Tablet, also known as the Emerald Tablet is an ancient text accredited to Hermes Trismegistus, the founder of Alchemy, and one of the tenets inscribed on it is as follows;

" 'Tis true without lying, certain and most true;
That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below...."

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