The Funambulists
The Funambulists
90.8 (w) X 43,2 (h) cm

The diptych comprises the top print - the Funambulists, and the lower print - the Ioculatores, representing a boat. The protean forms encompass some of the themes of carnival; that of inversion of form, combining human and animal form, the child representing birth or renewal and the fish referring to various rituals of renewal.

The toying with fluidity of form develops into a dangerous game:the whole world as well as the theatre becomes a circus, a tight-rope walk over a void.
(Pirwinska 1969:160)

A variety of absurdities occur simultaneously, but the overriding impression is that of a Ship of Fools, leaving shore to venture into the unknown in search of a destiny, a Utopian passage. The boat is taken from an image of a hurdy-gurdy, with the wheel of the instrument represented as a water-wheel. The work comments on the liminal nature of Folly, the constant state of transience and flux. The Fool has been released from the confines of the sideshow and the spectacle and is voyaging through the interior of the exterior.

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