The Feast
The Feast
90 (w) X 60 (h) cm

This etching is the last print in the series entitled Moria, a Eulogy of Folly, presented for my MFA at Michaelis School of Art in 1993.

This final print links aspects of the celebration of the feast with the ritual voyage of the Fool. The insular nature of the ship is a comment on the nature of Folly and its emergence in society. The ship is also a reference to colonization, those ships of an antipodean destiny filled with the knowledge and skills of a civilized society. Here the image is a celebration of most of the grotesque forms that I have created in previous images. It is more a celebration of the grotesque - all the hybrid forms, inversions, recombinations and transmogrifications are juxtaposed into one image. The sea is populated with isolated ships, tossed in a matrix of time and contingency.

The visual passage from the confines of the sideshow booth to the vast expanse of open sea has occurred. The sequence in which the prints are intended to be viewed, resembles the passage of the carnival ritual. The arrival of the players, the barkers inviting the viewer to look further, the focal point of the sideshow booth - the spectacle, the ritual scapegoat or Fool, the ritual embarkment and deportation of the Fool, and lastly the Feast of Fools which simultaneously celebrated the tradition of Folly, and brought the festivities to a close. Thus I have considered the structure of the etchings - including shaped plates, as well as the content of the images to evoke the carnivalesque

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