33.3 (h) X 29.6 (w) cm

This series of works was presented for an Advanced Diploma in Printmaking which was awarded with distinction in 1989 from the University of Cape Town. The associations of a jewelry box, a metronome, jack-in-the-box and Pandora's box served as initial inspiration for this series of etchings. I wishes to create the illusion of centrifugal motion, that of the spiralling ballet dancer in a jewelry box, in order to suggest music. The structures of the striated "ticker" and the circular cog found in the mechanism of the metronome re-inforced the illusion of centrifugal motion. I modified the shape of some of the plates in order to create greater dimension and to facilitate the illusion of objects propelled by their own momentum from the confines of the music box. The use of musical titles directs the viewer's imagination towards the fantastical nature of the image.

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Price: R 6,500.00


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