The Bride Stripped Bare....(even) series of print constructions

During the initial period of lockdown in South Africa, we experienced a "hard" lockdown, where a number of our civil liberties were removed. We were for the first time in my life, under a curfew (from 5 am - 7 pm) with no travel permitted, even in the event of an emergency, no exercise was permitted and we were only allowed to leave our homes to purchase food. We had a deployment of an additional 73 000 military personnel to enforce these lockdown conditions and police brutality and unwarrented vigilence led to many arrests of ordinary citizens and the death of Colin Khosa, brutally assaulted by military officers while on a shopping trip. The debacle of the ban on the sale of tabacco and alcohol is another decision that has no medical basis and the NCCC is ignoring the recent call for disclosing evidence during current court case to have the ban on tabacco sales lifted. In this extended lockdown period, many small and medium businesses have had to close, people have lost their income and the increase of depression, family and gender violence and suicides has increased exponentially. Current decisions taken by government and the proposed political agenda to use this pandemic disaster to implement social restructuring (RET - rapid economic transformation) is of grave concern. My response to all of the above is my series of 3 works "The Bride Stripped Bare....(even)", with subtitled "Hear No Evil", "See No Evil", "Speak No Evil". Each work is 30 X 40 cm unframed and is mounted on pages of our constitution which have been redacted with gold leaf.